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Dear White Women

Feb 19, 2020

From the recent women’s rights / reproductive issues arc, Sara and Misasha segue today into yet another big issue to consider in the upcoming election, and that’s the subject of health insurance.

Good insurance coverage is not the reality for the majority of Americans. And for those who DO have it, what would you do if you lost your coverage?

With this episode, Sara and Misasha will bridge the gap between reproductive rights and health care into the next arc of income inequality.

Recently, Trump’s administration lashed out at the state of California that touched on all three of these points.

Be sure to listen in to find out more and to stay on top of these timely issues!

Show Highlights:

  • Misasha gives an overview of Trump’s administration telling California that they were violating federal law by requiring private insurers in the state of California to cover abortion and threatened to withhold federal funding.
  • This plan was announced on the day that thousands of anti-abortion activists gathered on the National Mall for the annual March for Life rally.
  • Part of insurance is federally regulated, like The Affordable Care Act.
  • There are also mandated benefits, which are known as mandated health insurance benefits, or “mandates”, that can be issued at a federal level or a state level.
  • Mandates are requirements that states cover the treatments of specific health conditions, certain types of health care providers, and some categories of dependence.
  • Prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, there were around 2,000 health insurance mandates between the states and federal government.
  • A key question that we need to look at is who controls who is eligible for insurance and for what? 
  • The President has a lot of control in this area. <————-
  • The President needs Congress in order to act in the realm of criminal justice. The President needs the Supreme Court in order to act as regards reproductive justice. Where health care is concerned, however, the President can act nearly immediately.
  • Sara provides some relevant statistics regarding private and public health insurance.
  • Sara and Misasha discuss 5 of the biggest changes to the federal health law under President Trump, according to NPR.
  • The Affordable Care Act still exists and is still working, but pre-existing conditions is a barrier.

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