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Dear White Women

Dec 2, 2020


Whether you’re pro-choice or anti-choice, you’re likely to have some emotions jolt through you when you hear the word.  However, with the appointment of conservative Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and Roe v Wade related decisions on the docket, we want to make sure we all know about the abortion and reproductive rights landscape, which is way broader when you consider what it takes to bring a child into the world - affordable housing, healthcare, and living wages - along with a new program for any lawyers out there who want to get involved. 

Promise, it’ll be relevant if you know any women at all.

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What to listen for: 

  • How we are past fighting Roe v Wade and need to look at mobilization strategies for state-led protections
  • The importance of considering reproductive justice as a whole - including affordable housing, healthcare access, and the need for living wages - when considering something as specific as abortion
  • How lawyers, as well as non-lawyers, can join the fight to protect accessibility to reproductive justice
  • The need for all genders to have more open conversations about our sexuality, sex, and reproduction.

About If/When/How:

If/When/How is a national network of law students and legal professionals working together for reproductive justice.

We transform the law and policy landscape through advocacy, support, and organizing so all people have the power to determine if, when, and how to define, create, and sustain families with dignity and to actualize sexual and reproductive wellbeing on their own terms. We invite you to join our nationwide network of lawyers, law students, legal professionals, and movement organizers who are working to make reproductive freedom a reality for all. 

About Melissa

Melissa Torres-Montoya, J.D., M.P.H. is the Lawyer Engagement Manager at If/When/How. Melissa is a reproductive justice and sexual health advocate who has worked at nonprofit organizations shaping policies at every level of government. She has dedicated her professional career to addressing the lack of affordable quality healthcare in the United States and advancing sexual and reproductive autonomy.

Ms. Torres-Montoya earned a J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law, and received a Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. Melissa spent the year following her graduate education as an If/When/How public policy and legal fellow at the National Women’s Health Network. She also attended the University of California, Davis where she earned her A.B. in History and Political Science. Melissa is admitted to practice law in the state of Maryland.

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