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The PJF Podcast: Elite Sports Performance

Oct 24, 2019

  • Buddy hield gets paid-5:50Buddy hield gets paid-5:50
  • Devin Askew Kentucky Commitment-9:42
  • Zion Williamson’s key’s to injury free career-11:46
  • How much isometrics should you do?-33:27
  • What makes the Tyus and Tre Jones  different?-36:29
  • Losing fat and building muscle on the vert code- 41:04
  • Increase tendon and muscle strength in a caloric deficit-42:23
  • Optimal Torso Angle when jumping off One-48:19
  • Thoughts on yoga-49:44
  • What do you use to test readiness for a training session?-54:26
  • Should you take complete days off-59:04
  • Creatine-1:00:50
  • High top vs low top for ankle sprains- 1:02:43