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Graydancer's Ropecast

Interviews, opinion, and education about kink and BDSM as well as polyamory, adult sex education, consent culture, and more. 

Jul 30, 2009

Graydancer interviews Esinem, a Rope Artist from the U.K., about the recent London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage.

Jul 21, 2009

This is a short promo for JUJUN running 2:00. Please feel free to play it loud, play it often, and spread the word! Remember, pre-order JUJUN and you get free shipping and a copy of the book in PDF form before the August 15th release.

In Nawashi, Brian Stanford discovered the world is filled with mages who use sexual...

Jul 20, 2009

Graydancer interviews Ava Amnesia from the Studio Chicago about how to find and negotiate with quality doms.

Also, learn about the Pie-a-Dom fundraiser for the NCSF and how you can plant one on Graydancer!

Jul 7, 2009

Graydancer takes you to the GRUE in the LOU 2, full of interesting kinksters and a discussion of the neurochemistry of BDSM.

Also, Pre-Order JUJUN