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Graydancer's Ropecast

Interviews, opinion, and education about kink and BDSM as well as polyamory, adult sex education, consent culture, and more. 

Dec 14, 2015

By special request from a listener, Gray interviews Lizard, a teacher, performer, and stellar rope-bondage enthusiast. 

From her bio:

"Lizard has been active in the DC/Baltimore area for the last four years. She began tying at a local rope share group known as the Knotting Circle, and has since had the privilege of learning from some of the most influential rope artists around the world.

Lizard aspires to be a lifelong student of rope. She gathers knowledge from teachers, peers, and most notably from the people she ties along her journey. She describes her style of rope as one which favors structural simplicity, adaptability, fluidity, and connection over traditional aesthetics.

As an educator, Lizard has been involved in rope share groups such as DC Rope, The Knotting Circle, and NARIX. This year, she has begun teaching classes at local events such as Rope Mecca."

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