TCF Ep. 220 - Seth Hancock

Seth Hancock is a commercial portrait and editorial photographer in New York City and Los Angeles. He works with clients ranging from magazines to advertising. His style is playful and dynamic, and his focus is making his subjects the hero.

February 9, 2004 is the day when his life dramatically changed forever. It was the day he threw away every necktie he ever owned and walked away from a life in advertising and marketing to become what he was born to be... a photographer!

He was born in Indiana but calls Detroit, MI his hometown. It was in Detroit where he became the person he is today… strong, diverse, driven, passionate and always ready to deliver great results. This is also where he started to develop his photographic style and vision. He has a passion for people and getting the very best from any given situation.

Currently, he spends his time between New York City and Los Angeles with his wife and their Doberman Pinscher, Albert.

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