TCF Ep. 281 - Pat Pattison

Pat Pattison is an expert on career re-invention, not only because he has conducted extensive research on the topic but because he has successfully done it himself. He is a Hudson Institute certified transition and career coach specializing in helping professional creative people.

A former Walt Disney Studios executive, Pat was asked to teach a night class on “The Business of Art” at a Los Angeles community college about six years ago. Every semester he noticed that fully a third of his class were people 45+ who wanted to start more creative and fulfilling new lives. That was the genesis of his “Creative YOU Turn” program, coaching, workshops and book. 

Pat has been a Hollywood, toy Industry, and advertising executive for most of his career. He served as VP of marketing for the Metromedia (now Fox) TV stations and VP of creative services at Disney (Buena Vista) Television as well as creative services at Disneyland. 

Among the many successful films, television shows, and celebrities he has marketed: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, the Super Bowl, the Emmy Awards, the 2012 Olympics, Rachel Ray, and Carlos Santana.

A few years ago Pat “remade” himself by becoming a TV host, commercial actor, and print model. His passion now is to help others successfully remake their own lives. 

Pat interviews other successful re-inventors on his cable TV show, Pat Pattison’s Remade in America. He is also an executive transition coach and teacher, and frequently appears on other television outlets as a self-reinvention expert. 



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