TCF Ep. 312 - Michelle Groskopf

Michelle Groskopf is a street photographer based in Los Angeles. She's made a practice of shooting the world around her almost daily for the past 20 years. Her work has been featured in The British Journal Of Photography, American Photo Magazine,Capricious Magazine, FLAUNT Magazine, Dazed and Confused,, Trip Magazine, Booooooom,  The Heavy Collective, Fotografia Magazine, The Magenta Foundation, It's Nice That, The Daily Mail,  Conde Nast Traveler

Michelle is an ongoing contributor to

Her themes revolve around tween / teen culture, girlhood and suburban ideology / iconography.

"I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto surrounded by shopping carts and old ladies in headscarves. That’s all I knew for the longest time. Housing developments, strip malls, backyards and Jewish summer camp. It was comforting, one of those good childhoods and I loved it. As I got older I caught the notion of other things, other places I wanted to see. I fled straight for the city, and then kept going till I managed to get as far away I could. At some point I started taking photos. Photos of shopping carts and old ladies in headscarves, people wandering around strip malls. It didn’t matter what city I was in, I’d find them, these people that seemed so familiar to me. I’d get so close to them with my camera they would be forced to talk to me. They’d ask me why and I would tell them that I thought they were beautiful."




Michelle Groskopf


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