Lara Jo Regan'scareer as a photographer has been uncommon and diverse, achievingserious acclaim and respect across several disciplines.

With a background inanthropology, journalism, film and fine art, Regan's work combinespainterly aesthetics with closely behavioral studies and obliquesocial commentary, a signature style she has applied to everythingfrom impoverished Appalachians to the rich elite. Her interpretivedocumentary coverage of American culture has been regularlycommissioned and published by the world's leading magazines such asTime, Newsweek, Life, Premiere and Entertainment Weekly, among manyothers. She is the recipient of many of her field's highest honors,including the coveted World Press Photo of the Year.

Over the years, Regan hasproduced one of the most extensive collections of SouthernCalifornia photography in existence. Her current projects seek toreinvigorate the meditative and provocative nature of documentaryimages by pushing the tradition into new abstract, conceptual andsemi-cinematic realms - while still preserving documentaryphotography's essential function of inciting meaningful alternativecontemplation of the real world.

Ironically, Regan also becameknown for creating a cultural phenomenon as well as covering one,as the artist behind the Mr. Winkle photo collection thattransformed her otherworldly canine muse (a rescued stray canine)into an international cult icon featured in best-selling books,calendars, and collected artwork. This led to a deepening interestin animal photography, resulting in numerous other groundbreakingbooks on the topic, as well as curatorial projects.

Regan's work has been exhibitedthroughout the world and is part of many collections. Majorarticles about her work have appeared in dozens of prominentpublications worldwide such as The New York Times, USA Today andThe Los Angeles Times, and she has been a featured guest onnumerous television broadcasts including CNN, the BBC and the TodayShow.

Her latest book is titled Dog inCars.



Lara Jo Regan


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