James Maher runs a fine-art business, a portrait photography business works with companies and people around New York, and has a photography workshop business, helping photographers from all over the world capture the best of New York.

Over the years, he has worked with the Daily News, with businesses of all sizes and types around New York and the world, and with many websites. He has written three books as well as for many magazines and websites covering photography and New York. His prints have been sold and licensed to people and companies around the world, including Tiffany & Co. and G-Star Raw. His latest book is titled Creative Freelance Marketing.

He has also been working on a documentary project since 2012, which consists of nearly 150 portraits and in-depth interviews primarily with long-time residents, business owners, and employees in the East Village neighborhood of New York City. The project has become a historical account of the mid-to-late 20th Century of one of the most vibrant and lively neighborhoods in the city.



James Maher

Matt Weber

Creative Freelance Marketing


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