Jamie MacDonald is a nature and stock photographer and social influencer living in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. A husband and the father of two boys who are widely featured in his work, he describes his love of photography as one that is “rooted in the desire to move people to see the world around them in new ways.”

With a primary focus on black-and-white landscapes and an unmatched passion for the Olympus brand, his professional and Getty Images stock portfolios run the gamut from portrait to still life to landscapes.

When he’s not out shooting, Jamie can often be found contributing to several photography websites, including Small Camera BIG Picture, Borrowlenses.com, and a variety of social networks, where he is widely regarded and respected as an Olympus and mirrorless photography expert.

Jamie is also very active in leading photography workshops and photowalks in and around his home state of Michigan. Jamie highlights the Olympus OM-D E-M5 as his favorite Olympus camera for its combination of power, portability, weatherproofing and optics.



Jamie MacDonald

Rodney Harvey

Los Angeles Center of Photography


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