Gary Nicholls was born in Essex, England. He studied Design Technology and Technical drawing to B.ed level, and during that time he also took art classes where he learned that he had a natural eye, and could “see” something finished.

Two turning points, since buying his first DSLR  led him to the Imaginarium concept. The first was when he subscribed to Adobe Photoshop, realizing that his drawing skills would be of huge benefit.

The second turning point came in September 2012 when he bought tickets for the Lincoln Steampunk Festival at the Asylum. It was the moment when he knew he had found his niche.

The idea of “The Imaginarium” was born from that meeting. Not since Hogarth with Rakes Progress has a story been told in fine art images. What started as a 20-image short story has grown into a 450 image trilogy with 150 genuine Steampunks involved, taking storytelling to a whole new level.


Gary Nicholls

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