Colin Finlay is one of the foremost documentary photographers and filmmakers in the world. For almost twenty-five years, Finlay has chronicled the human condition with compassion, empathy, and dignity. He has covered war and conflict, disappearing traditions, the environment in both its glory and its devastation, genocide, famine, religious pilgrimage, and global cultures. In pursuit of his passion, he has circled the globe twenty-seven times, in search of that one photo that will be a testament to the depth of human will and compassion, of hope and of an informed collective consciousness. 

In addition to book and photography projects, Finlay is an accomplished musician, with his compositions accompanying his latest photography exhibition, Of Consequence. Finlay has participated in a number of TEDx events nationally and is invited to speak regularly at a variety of prestigious events and institutions, such as the Annenberg, LACMA, ADOBE, Goldman Environmental Awards, and the Ford Foundation.

Finlay is passionate about humanitarian efforts and even co-founded the non-profit organization Proof: Media for Social Justice to help address issues faced by populations in post-conflict societies, and to encourage social change through photography.


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