Barbara Mensch is a fine art photographer who probes her subject matter with the curiosity and stamina of a detective. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she began to draw at an early age, attending classes at The Brooklyn Museum Studio School and the Art Students League as a teenager.

Mensch has published two books on New York’s legendary Fulton Market, which she photographed under the scrutinizing eyes of federal law enforcement and organized crime.  Mensch’s monograph, New York Photographs, was published with an essay by art historian Bonnie Yochelson in 2013.  Her book, In The Shadow Of Genius was published in 2018 by Empire State Editions (an imprint of Fordham University Press). Her latest publication, A Falling-Off Place — The Transformation of Lower Manhattan was published in the fall of 2023 by Empire Editions with a foreword by NY Times Reporter and author, Dan Barry.


Barbara Mensch

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