Michael Honegger is a visual artist born in Germany with a B.A. in History & Spanish from Duke University, a M.S. in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, and a Professional Certificate in Visual Arts from Maine Media College. His practice as a fine art and documentary photographer explores the performative nature of self-portraiture, the complexities of memory and family, and an investigation of the ironies of American culture with an expatriate’s eye. He has exhibited his work in numerous juried group shows throughout the United States and Europe, including the Center for Fine Art Photography, Photo Place Gallery, A.Smith Gallery, the Southeast Center for Photography, and P.H. 21 Gallery, among others.

His documentary project on the refugee crisis on the island of Lesvos, Greece in 2015 was widely published in major European newspapers and by Amnesty International in their initial press release on the crisis. The Economist, The Guardian, and Lenscratch have also published his images. He currently resides in Nice, France, and has lived in France for the past 14 years.

His most recent book is titled, The Need to Know.


Michael Honegger



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