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Bodice Tipplers

Jun 21, 2023

She's Luna, in witness protection!  He's Elar, a horny eel monster!  It's Courtney's birthday so we're going off script and reading Electrified by the Eel, a modern paranormal romance short!  (Come for the eel sex, stay for the heartfelt tangential argument about the number and location of centaur dicks.)

So the book itself notes trigger warnings for drowning - look, it should have also mentioned a guy gets raped to death by lady eels (I mean, he had it coming, it's fine, nobody's gonna shed a tear for ol' Rick, but it's something you might want to note?)  Also it's kind of a breeding fantasy and nobody has informed Luna of this fact, so that might be a bit of an issue for some people.  Also this dude is a fish man but according to the cover he has nipples, so any animal biologist listeners are going to need a warning.  I mean, eel reproduction is really mysterious!  Maybe this is, in fact, how it works!