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Bodice Tipplers

Mar 29, 2023

It's time for our fourth annual check-in with Martha Waters!  That does not seem possible!  And yet! Her latest book in the Regency Vows series is To Swoon and to Spar.

Viscount Penvale has been working for years to buy back his ancestral home, Trethwick Abbey, from his estranged uncle. And so he’s thrilled when his uncle announces that he is ready to sell but with one major caveat—Penvale must marry his uncle’s ward, Jane Spencer.

When the two meet in London, neither is terribly impressed. Penvale finds Jane headstrong and sharp-tongued. Jane finds him cold and aloof. Nevertheless, they agree to a marriage in name only and return to the estate. There, Jane enlists her housekeeper for a scheme: to stage a haunting so that Penvale will return to London, leaving her to do as she pleases at Trethwick Abbey. But Penvale is not as easily scared as his uncle and as their time together increases, Jane realizes that she might not mind her husband’s company all that much.

Check it out April 11 (or preorder!) at Print, Martha's local bookstore, and keep an eye out for her launch events in April!