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Bodice Tipplers

Oct 30, 2020

It’s spooky season you mofos! That means a creepy book. This year we leave the world of ghost banging and half assed witches to deep dive into vampires! Buckle Up because we are riding the Vampire Lestat train. The follow up to Anne Rice’s 1976 book, Interview with a Vampire, is all about that vampy rock and roll lifestyle. Published in 1985 this book is a bedazzled and spandex approach to what to do when you are undead. 

Featuring special guest Dr. Claire Mischker, we take an EXTREMELY DEEP DIVE into this cultural phenomenon.  Trigger warnings include nonconsensual biting, mass murder of blonde guys, witholding mothers, wolf attacks, excessive eyeliner, and skinny jeans. And so many pirate shirts.