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Bodice Tipplers

Jan 30, 2021

 Y'all, it's our first Loveswept!  She's a children's librarian, he's stripping to fund his owl-rescue habit!  It's incredibly sweet and just wonderful in every possible way, there are no major content warnings, just read this one - trust us.  

Jan 23, 2021

Are... are you actually ready for this?  (We were not.)

Get ready for some Jackie Collins all up in your face-parts!  Lucky Santangelo is a boss businesslady who Has Sex.  A whole lot happens in this book - everybody gets married six times, at least one hotel is opened, dirty deeds are done on yachts....  I honestly do...

Jan 5, 2021

We were asked if we'd like to interview Melissa Croce about her new book, Single and Forced to Mingle - a guide to what to do if you're unattached and have to go do things.  (Somebody remind me what doing things is like?  I think I've forgotten!) It comes out today, so go get a copy wherever you buy your...