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Bodice Tipplers

Mar 29, 2023

It's time for our fourth annual check-in with Martha Waters!  That does not seem possible!  And yet! Her latest book in the Regency Vows series is To Swoon and to Spar.

Viscount Penvale has been working for years to buy back his ancestral home, Trethwick Abbey, from his estranged uncle. And so he’s thrilled when his...

Mar 1, 2023

Welcome to the second episode of our Valentine's Day 90's Bad Boys-a-thon!  This time we read Lisa Kleypas' Dreaming of You, knowing full well that we dare the wrath of the Derek Craven fan club.  He's a moody emo Cockney kid from the mean streets, made his money and unsure of what to do with it now that he's got it! ...