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Bodice Tipplers

Apr 27, 2021

We have had all our shots and we are back in the same room so get ready for some seriously overexcited people!  (That would be us but it would also be the people in this book.)  Fancy Pants by Susan Elizabeth Phillips - she's a British socialite with big "See You Next Tuesday" energy, he's a hot redneck golfer with a self esteem problem, they slap each other in parking lots more than the average couple does!  Secret babies!  Imaginary Jack Nicklaus!  Real Jack Nicklaus!  Riches to rags to riches!  Found families!  The weirdest citizenship ceremony you have ever seen in a book!

We ended up really enjoying this book but the content warnings are not a joke, y'all.  It's got dead toddlers, non-custodial kidnapping, sexual assault of underaged girls, a guy you previously liked being a complete monster to a nine year old child, the n-word, 80's homophobia, fat shaming perpetrated by Eva Peron, some ladies who may or may not even be sex workers getting called "semi-hookers"... it is a ride and it is not a particularly safe or sanitary ride.  This ride has not been inspected by anybody.  Not even that sketchy dude who smokes around the gas cans. Nobody has signed off on this ride and you are getting on it at your own risk.  It does, however, have a good heart and real emotional growth in it.  It's a lot