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Bodice Tipplers

Feb 1, 2022

 Y'all. It's been a month. It's just been so much January.  So very January. We didn't actually... uh, read two books this month, so in the finest American scholarly tradition we watched a movie instead!

Thrill to the very Canadian film adaptation of LaVyrle Spencer's Morning Glory (you may want to listen to our episode
on the book first
, but you totally don't have to because obviously we didn't prepare so why should you?) It's got Christopher Reeve and this Deborah Raffin lady we really liked and JT Walsh's butt, and it made $26,000 at the box office.  No, not $260,000.  Anyway it's surprisingly good and you can watch it for free on Tubi if you don't mind commercials!  Or you can rent it on Prime for $2.99, which is a measurable percentage of this film's overall earnings.

Do be aware, this movie (like the book) has some pretty hardcore slut shaming in it, and unlike the book has a seriously disturbing courtroom scene where the defendant's wife's marital sexual history is put on trial.  It's legit upsetting.  Otherwise, it's a sweet slow burn and we liked it a lot.