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Bodice Tipplers

Dec 20, 2022

Chag sameach! Welcome to our traditional holiday episode, where we do a modern gay Hanukkah romance ever year!  This one is Eight Nights in December by Keira Andrews, where Lucas meets Nate and then everybody around them has to go buy a new mop!  It's very sweet but also very sticky.

Check out our previous years' holiday episodes - there's only enough podcast for one night, but if you delve into the archive it will entertain you for four nights!  (I don't know what happened in 2020!  Wait maybe I do know what happened in 2020!)

2021 - His for Hanukkah - a trans man dom and an anxious Jewish sub!

2019 - Holiday Outing - snowed in with a dude... and the whole rest of your family!

2018 (well, we actually released it in January 2019) - Hearts Alight - sexy golem!