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Bodice Tipplers

Jun 25, 2022

 Jake is a biographer (is that a job if you're not Kitty Kelly?) and Dixie is... oh come on.  So there's a Missing Star, Devon, and then there's Dixie, the tow truck driver, do I have to draw a map for you or have you ever read a book before?  The Law of Economy of Characters is absolutely in play here.  This is a surprisingly charming book in that "the big lie is gonna come calling" genre; it's even a fun example of the "quirky small town" business - and Sara found it in a Little Free Library!  

This is the old school romance that has dealt with body image issues better than any we've ever read, but we should still warn that it's about somebody who gained weight and is evidently literally unrecognizable?  But he's also, like, real dumb.  Jude Deveraux is tearing her hair out because somebody is happy and not cocaine-skinny.  It also has a friend who before the book starts died by suicide, disordered eating that's also in the past, and that Big Lie plot.  (It also has hilarious geography.)  In general though it's a blast and we'd like to meet the fun wine aunt who slipped this into a neighborhood LFL!