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Bodice Tipplers

Nov 18, 2022

Lady Emma has two weeks in American to lose her reputation and not be forced to marry the dastardly duke.  Kenny has to drive her around Texas to get back in the good graces of the PGA Tour so he can play pro golf again.  Why yes, this does seem radically mismatched stakes!  It's Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips! 

This is one of those wild Susan Elizabeth Phillips joints, so all of the content you should be aware of is simultaneously 100% for real and also 100% ridiculous - everybody in this is incredibly over the top.  The two that feel actively distressing is a major deception by the hero and this whole "blackmailed into marriage" business; on the "less realistically portrayed" side you've got a well-intentioned roofie-ing, a woman struggling with infertility who is cured by a big dick, emus in peril, a SEP-trademark parking lot throwdown, some family trauma drama, and a state fair baby race gone bad.  

If you like this one, check out our previous Susan Elizabeth Phillips episode about a book that shares some characters with this one, Fancy Pants!  Until I went looking for that link I forgot that Eva Peron fat-shames somebody in that one! That's wild!