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Bodice Tipplers

Feb 16, 2023

He's a rake, a dastardly dastard, a blackened heart in a big nosed body! She's Spunky and extremely wee! There's a really hot scene with a glove! It's Loretta Chase's Lord of Scoundrels! This February for Valentine's Day we're reading all your favorite 90's bad boys.  The spiritual heirs of Edward Rochester. The rakes, the scoundrels, the emo ones. Broody like hens! Inventing Hot Topic! Thinking they're ugly! Running around being rich, because their behavior is much more tolerable if it comes with plenty of money!

Hey check out the dumb modern cover, on which she's a giant and he's Tom Thumb. 

The only content warning in this book is that it's got some weird fat shaming business going on - it's not intense, especially after Scruples (my god what isn't), but it's very strange and out of place here.