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Mar 27, 2006

What the heck am I doing on this weeks podcast? I dunno. I am tired, and I can't recall. All I remember is that the show is sponsored by and I remember that you are gonna enjoy it. So go enjoy it already... sheesh. =) 57mins ))STEREO((

Mar 20, 2006

Patrick Hurd returns this week for a loopy little trip around the Disneyland Resort.

Thanks very much to Clinton of the Comedy4cast podcast for the inspiration.

61mins ))STEREO((

Mar 13, 2006

Ghosts, The Extreme Kids, An Old Contest and A New Contest, Pirates Sounds, Pirates 5k, Where in The Park? returns, An Announcement, and don't forget to download the VideoCast! 61 mins. ))STEREO((

Mar 6, 2006

Pirates Postponed!

This week we take you back to the MSEP to fill in the missing pieces, give you a test, read you a poem, and take you to a drive-in theater.

Lot's of tasty goodness from WindowtotheMagic! Enjoy!

56min ))STEREO((