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Feb 12, 2007

*********HEADPHONES STRONGLY RECOMMENDED********* Howdy Folks! Now that you are done enjoying the latest video from Mouseketeer Greg, Paul takes you to Mousefest 2006 once again for another LONG ANTICIPATED set of audio clips. Find out what happens when the DPN crew steps away from the spotlight and the crowds of adoring fans for a little time with just the boys (and the bleepin wife, of course). Listen in the left ear for a cameo appearance from the DPN's own vidcaster Chreestopher during the sing-a-long portion of our show. Also in the show we find out what the entire backstory is behind Paul's time on stage at the adventurers club, and listen in as Hathaway Brown discovers that he has a serious disease. We finish out this show with the return of an old friend... and some tough-tough-tough questions get answered. Be sure to listen for instructions on how to enter and win our latest contest. Email: podcast Voicemail (206) 984-WTTM (9886) Discussion Forums: 74 mins ))BINAURAL and STEREO((