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My name is Saadia Khan. I am a social entrepreneur and the founder and host of Immigrantly. Immigrantly is a weekly podcast that deconstructs the archaic stereotypes of what it means to be an immigrant, a child of immigrants, a person of color, and everything in between. Each episode brings a fresh perspective on the issues we address. Our conversations are complex, challenging, and oftentimes messy. But I wouldn’t trade the messiness for anything, because what we have created instead is a new, ongoing dialogue full of rich nuances.

Jun 7, 2022

Our guest, Stephen Satterfield, has dedicated his career to organizing, activating, and educating people about the origins and cultures of food. 

He founded Whetstone Radio Collective, a food magazine and media company that explores the history of American cuisine through the lens of cultural, socioeconomic, and human connections. Stephen's work disrupts the food canon in more ways than a few: writer, publisher, producer, former sommelier, and social entrepreneur. For example, his docuseries on Netflix, "High on the Hog," traces the foundation of American cooking from Texas to Africa and peels the layers of generations across time and geography.

In today's episode, beyond flavors & taste, Stephen and I do a deep dive into the journey of African American cuisine in the U.S. and how food can be a catalyst for change.

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Host & Executive Producer: Saadia Khan I Associate Producer: Kinza Muzahir I Content Writer: Saadia Khan & Yudi Liu I Sound Designer & Editor: Bronte Cook I Immigrantly Theme Music: Evan Ray Suzuki I Other Music: Epidemic Sounds

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