Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/09/18) Continuing march toward equal rights (Gay Rights)

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Edition #408

Continuing march toward equal rights


Act 1: Reaction to the Prop 8 Ruling - Jimmy Dore Show

Song 1: Suite for Solo Cello No. 6 in D Major, BWV 1012: V. Gavotte I/II - Yo-Yo Ma

Act 2: Orientation of the Prop 8 judge - Counterspin

Song 2: Strange bath - Jon Brion

Act 3: DOMA ruled unconstitutional - Rachel Maddow

Song 3: 1901 - Phoenix

Act 4: Threatdown - Texas GOP - Colbert Report

Song 4: Sodomy - Galt MacDermot and Tom Pierson

Act 5: Conservative destroys Fox News on gay marriage - Young Turks

Song 5: Stairway to heaven - Apocalyptica

Act 6: Glenn Beck on gay marriage - Media Matters

Act 7: Invasion of the country snatchers - Colbert Report

Song 7: Royal American Medley - United States Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps

Act 8: Debating gay marriage - Midweek Politics

Song 8: Sowing the seeds of love - Tears for Fears

Act 9: Gay is icky - That's bullshit - Sam Seder

Song 9: Sunday, Bloody Sunday - U2

Act 10: Moron on Ken Mehlman's courage - Jimmy Dore Show

Song 10: Courage - Authority Zero

Act 11: Gay old party - Daily Show


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Anti-Gay Pastor Busted - Young Turks


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