Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/09/21) Do it yourself universe, God not required (Religion)

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Edition #409

Do it yourself universe, God not required


Act 1: Evangelical Christian Terrorists - Young Turks

Song 1: Early in the morning - Peter, Paul And Mary

Act 2: Interview with the Pope (Matt Besser) - Citizen Radio

Song 2: Livin' on a prayer - Bon Jovi

Act 3: Blair and the Pope assail atheism and secularism - The Progressive

Song 3: Like a prayer - Madonna

Act 4: God loses his decision-making coin - The Onion

Song 4: Free to decide - The Cranberries

Act 5: "Child witches" abused in Africa - Young Turks

Song 5: We're in heaven - Dj sammy

Act 6: Steven Hawking hates God - Colbert Report

Song 6: My wife left me for a guy named Jesus - Exit 57

Act 7: The non-existence of God - Countdown

Song 7: Shattered faith - Bad Religion

Act 8: Jews covenant with God up for renewal - The Onion

Song 8: Ebudae - Enya

Act 9: Religious, anti-gay, gay man interviewed - Young Turks

Song 9: Whenever God shines his light - Van Morrison

Act 10: Rally to Restore Sanity - Daily Show


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Happy Ramadan - Colbert Report


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