Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/09/26) A look at the Republican Tea Party (GOP)

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The Podcasts

Edition #411

A look at the Republican Tea Party


Act 1: GOP congress – Rachel Maddow

Song 1: I Miss You – blink-182

Act 2: Restoring Honor Rally Part 1 – New Left Media

Song 2: God Shed His Grace On Thee – 50/50 – 50 Tracks, 50 Years

Act 3: Bush speechwriters says GOP is screwed – Young Turks

Song 3: Kill Yourself (Instrumental Version) – Shock Value (Instrumental Version)

Act 4: Sarah Palin’s Mama Grizzly Coalition – Daily Show

Song 4: On a Neck, On a Spit – Yellow House

Act 5: Restoring Honor Rally Part 2 – New Left Media

Song 5: My List – Sam’s Town

Act 6: Reagan would be unelectable today – MSNBC

Song 6: Drumming Song – Lungs

Act 7: Restoring Honor Rally Part 3 – New Left Media

Song 7: Pray for You – Getting Dressed In the Dark

Act 8: I give up – 9/11 responders bill – Daily Show

Song 8: Cobrastyle – Robyn

Act 9: Restoring Honor Rally Part 4 – New Left Media

Song 9: Ignore the Ignorant – Ignore the Ignorant

Act 10: Comparing the parties – Ring of Fire

Song 10: Bitter Sweet Symphony – Urban Hymns

Act 11: Shadow government attracts shadow protesters – The Onion

Song 11: Cast No Shadow – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory

Act 12: Restoring Honor Rally Part 5 – New Left Media

Song 12: In the Waiting Line – Simple Things

Act 13: GOP is the party of hate – The Ed Show


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Defamation of Independents – Colbert Report




Rachel Maddow

The New Left Media

The Young Turks

The Daily Show


Ring of Fire

The Onion

The Ed Show

Colbert Report


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