Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/10/02) As the election looms (Elections)

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Edition #413

As the election looms


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Act 1: Couldn’t be elected dog catcher – Wait wait don’t tell me
Song 1: Brain Stew – Insomniac
Act 2: Election narrative – On the Media
Song 2: Falling In Love Again – Desireless
Act 3: Culture war is back – Rachel Maddow
Song 3: All the Same – Dressed Up As Life
Act 4: Obama and Rahm on salesmanship – Le Show
Song 4: Mr. Blue Sky – ELO’s Greatest Hits
Act 5: Rahm’s political strategy failure – Young Turks
Song 5: Solsbury Hill – Hit
Act 6: Democrats getting out politicked – Jimmy Dore Show
Song 6: Turn This Boat Around – Grand
Act 7: Obama and Biden lecture their base – The Progressive
Song 7: Head Full of Doubt / Road Full of Promise – I and Love and You
Act 8: Postcards from the pledge – Daily Show
Song 8: Two Sisters – Left Side of the Brain
Act 9: They’re running on your record – Rachel Maddow


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Christine O’Donnell Witch Test – Colbert Report


Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

On the Media

Rachel Maddow

Le Show

The Young Turks

The Jimmy Dore Show
The Progressive
The Daily Show
Colbert Report


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