Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/10/05) Executing a war, civilians and our strategy of empire (Foreign Policy)

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Edition #414

As the election looms


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Act 1: Paul Rykoff on the war not being over – Rachel Maddow
Song 1: Girl in the war – Chris Priest
Act 2: Jon Krakauer on Pat Tillman – Colbert Report
Song 2: Great Divide – First Band on the Moon
Act 3: Army ignored complaints of Afghan slayings – NPR
Song 3: Call for Help – Stale and Dry
Act 4: Reporting on soldiers killing and being attacked – Counterspin
Song 4: Dance With Me – Bande a Part
Act 5: Death squads for sport in Afghanistan – Citizen Radio
Song 5: Something happening – Visitor
Act 6: Obama rattles sabers at Iran – The Progressive
Song 6: If you close the door – Adam Bork
Act 7: UN General Assembly – The Bugle
Song 7: Wave of Mutilation – Wave of Mutilation – Best of Pixies
Act 8: Financing an empire Part 1 – Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Song 8: Untitled – Zoe Keating
Act 9: US Suppresses freedom of press in Afghanistan – The Progressive
Song 9: The Czar of Munster – When Juniper Sleeps
Act 10: Financing an empire Part 2 – Common Sense with Dan Carlin


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International House of Handshakes – Daily Show


Rachel Maddow
Colbert Report
Citizen Radio
The Progressive
The Bugle
Common Sense with Dan Carlin
The Daily Show


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