Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/10/10) Today is's Global Work Party (Climate Change)

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Edition #416

Today is's Global Work Party 


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Act 1: Deniers funding NOVA – Counterspin
Song 1: Like the Weather – In My Tribe
Act 2: News of the warm – Le Show
Song 2: Cold As Ice – No End In Sight: The Very Best of Foreigner (Remastered)
Act 3:’s Bill McKibben interview – David Letterman Show
Song 3: Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? – Play & Play: B Sides
Act 4: Walmart going green – Counterspin
Song 4: Mother Earth (International RMX) – Culcha Candela
Act 5: News of the warm – Le Show
Song 5: PTF2012 – Praise the Fallen
Act 6: The new ice island – Need to Know
Song 6: Island In the Sun – Weezer (Green Album)
Act 7: Moving to the suburbs – NPR
Song 7: Title and Registration – Transatlanticism
Act 8: Family of 5 found alive in suburbs – The Onion
Song 8: Recycled Air – Give Up
Act 9: Moving to the city – NPR
Song 9: Freetime – New Sacred Cow
Act 10: Walruses and Ostriches – The Progressive


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Skepticism vs. denial about climate change – Need to Know


Le Show
David Letterman
Need to Know
The Onion
The Progressive


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