Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/11/04) Muslims are scary (Religious Tolerance)

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Edition #425

Muslims are scary


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Act 1: Applause for Bloomberg – The Progressive
Song 1: Falling Down – Falling Down – Single
Act 2: The Parent Company Trap – Daily Show
Song 2: What I Am – Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars
Act 3: Images of N.Y. Islamic Center meant to ‘educate’ – NPR
Song 3: Close Your Eyes – Too Young to Fight It
Act 4: Iran’s crisis of modernity – Daily Show
Song 4: Modern Way – Employment
Act 5: Juan Williams, religious conflict and war – Thom Hartmann
Song 5: I Will Follow You Into the Dark – Plans
Act 6: Of course we all feel that way – Citizen Radio
Song 6: Just a Ride – Finally Woken
Act 7: Threatdown, Muslim Edition – Colbert Report
Song 7: Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) – Lungs
Act 8: Religious and ethnic intolerance in the election – Rachel Maddow
Song 8: Creature Fear – For Emma, Forever Ago
Act 9: It’s a small-minded world – Colbert Report


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NPR Staffing Decision 2010 – The Daily Show


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The Daily Show
Thom Hartmann
Citizen Radio
Colbert Report
Rachel Maddow


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