Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/11/16) And let us never speak of it again (Rally for Sanity and/or Fear)

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Edition #429

And let us never speak of it again


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Act 1: Press fear award – The Rally
Song 1: Zebra – Teen Dream
Act 2: Sanity/Fear protest of the absurd – NPR
Song 2: I’ll Meet You There – Maybe I’m Dreaming
Act 3: At the Rally Part 1 – New Left Media
Song 3: Finding Something to Do – Would It Kill You?
Act 4: Jon Stewart’s speech – The Rally
Song 4: This Is Not the End – The Sun and the Moon
Act 5: At the Rally Part 2 – New Left Media
Song 5: I Can See Clearly Now – We All Are One: The Best of Jimmy Cliff
Act 6: False equivalencies at the rally – Countdown
Song 6: All the Same to Me – Whatever You Like [Digital 45]
Act 7: At the Rally Part 3 – New Left Media
Song 7: Forgive Me – Veteranos
Act 8: Media objectivity and the sanity rally – On the Media
Song 8: La Réalité (Yuksek Remix) – Dimanche à Bamako (Bonus Track Version)
Act 9: At the Rally Part 4 – New Left Media
Song 9: Dreamtime – Faith In the Future
Act 10: Make it about something – Bill Maher
Song 10: Hold My Hand – The Best of Hootie & The Blowfish (1993-2003)
Act 11: At the Rally Part 5 – New Left Media
Song 11: Someday We’ll Know – Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too
Act 12: Jon Stewart interview – Rachel Maddow


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Come on Jon Stewart – George W. Bush – Daily Show



New Left Media
On the Media
Real Time with Bill Maher
Rachel Maddow
The Daily Show


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