Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/11/18) Cuts like a knife (Economics)

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Edition #430

Cuts like a knife


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Act 1: Obama greeted in India – Wait wait don’t tell me
Song 1: These Are Days (Live) – MTV Unplugged: 10,000 Maniacs
Act 2: What we don’t make in the U.S. – Thom Hartmann
Song 2: Mr. Maker – Konk
Act 3: Obama in Asia – The Bugle
Song 3: Starring – Weathervanes
Act 4: Obama’s Willy Loman Schtick – Jim Hightower
Song 4: Jack Names the Planet – Angus (Music from the Motion Picture)
Act 5: Let’s go anywhere – The Daily Show
Song 5: Vacation – Go Go’s
Act 6: War over the budget – On the Media
Song 6: Sweet Little Lies – Yell Fire!
Act 7: On the deficit commission – Liberal Oasis Radio
Song 7: Cuts Like a Knife – An Acoustic Tribute to Bryan Adams
Act 8: Obama acts like a Republican on Social Security – The Progressive
Song 8: High Wire – The Best of Men at Work: Contraband
Act 9: Catfood commission drop a new release – Rachel Maddow


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Lonely President’s Guide to Getting Out of the Country – Daily Show


Wait wait don’t tell me
Thom Hartmann
The Bugle
Jim Hightower
The Daily Show
On the Media
Liberal Oasis Radio
The Progressive
Rachel Maddow


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