Best of the Left Podcast : (2010/11/30) The honorable class of 2010 (Elections)

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Edition #433

The honorable class of 2010


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Act 1: Campaign ads might not matter – On the Media
Song 1: It Don’t Matter – Southern Discomfort
Act 2: Too early, too often – Need to Know
Song 2: Faith – Faith
Act 3: Campaign ads might still matter – On the Media
Song 3: Battle For The Beat – Battle For The Beat
Act 4: Mad as Hell – Mark Fiore
Song 4: My Favourite Game – Gran Turismo
Act 5: Adult Spin – Daily Show
Song 5: The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance – Vampire Weekend
Act 6: Midterm Election Update – The Bugle
Song 6: Drowning Men – Reservoir
Act 7: Freshman orientation – Wait wait don’t tell me
Song 7: Book of Days – The Very Best of Enya
Act 8: Uncompromise – Mark Fiore
Song 8: Goodbye Blue Sky – The Wall (Remastered)
Act 9: GOP misses Clinton – Daily Show
Song 9: I don’t mind if you forget me – The Smiths
Act 10: Which brand are your crooks? – Young Turks
Song 9: Let’s Work Together – The Very Best of Canned Heat
Act 10: Michael Moore on the administration – Bill Maher


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On the Media
Need to Know
Mark Fiore
The Daily Show
The Bugle
Wait wait don’t tell me
The Young Turks
Real Time with Bill Maher


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