Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/01/09) Fighting those who are willfully ignorant (Climate Change)

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Edition #443

Fighting those who are willfully ignorant


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Act 1: Climate change in the frozen UK – Friday Night Comedy
Song 1: Winter Winds – Sigh No More
Act 2: Climate for the grand kids – Rachel Maddow
Song 2: The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance – The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance – Single
Act 3: Fox global warming denier segment – Young Turks
Song 3: Hide and Seek – Speak for Yourself
Act 4: Energy and Commerce Chair Apparent – Colbert Report
Song 4: Best God In Show – Coaster
Act 5: Best entertained and least informed – Ring of Fire
Song 5: Welcome Home (Sanitarium) [Instrumental Version] – Plays Metallica By Four Cellos
Act 6: Fox memo to always question climate change – Media Matters
Act 7: Fox busted on climate memo – Young Turks
Song 7: Looking At the Sun – Gramercy Arms
Act 8: Sam Seder’s meteorology – Countdown
Song 8: Like the Weather (Live) – MTV Unplugged: 10,000 Maniacs
Act 9: Snowy conditions hazardous for idiots – The Onion
Song 9: Crash – Lovely
Act 10: Push comes to shovel – Rachel Maddow
Song 10: Hurt so good – The Yellow Snow Company
Act 11: More media idiocy on climate change – Jimmy Dore Show
Song 11: Wonder Why – Everything Collide
Act 12: Climate flip flops – Countdown
Song 12: Science Is Real – Here Comes Science (Audio + Video Version)
Act 13: The earth is now Apollo 13 – Radio Ecoshock


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350 eARTh Climate Change Art Visible From Space –


Friday Night Comedy from the BBC
Rachel Maddow
The Young Turks
The Colbert Report
Ring of Fire
Media Matters Minute
The Onion
Jimmy Dore Show
Radio Ecoshock


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