Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/02/12) A Tribute to Olbermann and Countdown (Special Event)

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Edition #455

A Tribute to Olbermann and Countdown


Act 1: The real history of the Bush administration - Countdown

Song 1: Missed the boat - Modest Mouse

Act 2: Special comment on Cheney's speech - Countdown

Song 2: Last goodbye - Jeff Buckley

Act 3: On Obama's war escalation - Countdown

Song 3: Listen to your heart - Roxette

Act 4: On health care reform - Countdown

Song 4: Lincoln's bible - Jason Roseboom

Act 5: On the 'Ground Zero Mosque' - Countdown

Song 5: Speak up - Luke Reynolds

Act 6: On the Passing of Prop 8 - Countdown

Song 6: The book of love - The Monotones

Act 7: Final sign off - Countdown



Suggesting an Olbermann episode - Ron from Pittsburg

Please use Grit Radio - Vikki from Hawaii

Bring on more female voicemailers - Patrick from LA


Final Comments:

On Olbermann's impact on the media


Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:

Sam's take on Olbermann's exit - Majority Report


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