Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/05/07) Our wars and their costs (Foreign Policy)

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Edition #484

Our wars and their costs

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Act 1: Downplaying civilian deaths - Counterspin

Song 1: Faith - George Michael

Act 2: Trump's idiotic oil ideas - Young Turks

Song 2: Moving to New York - The Wombats

Act 3: Libya Majora - Daily Show

Song 3: Silver lining - Rilo Kiley

Act 4: Unwanted military funding - Rachel Maddow

Song 4: Piazza, New York Catcher - Belle & Sebastian

Act 5: Protesting military spending - Grit Radio

Song 5: Live Like You're Dying - Lenka

Act 6: Mr Y on US priorities and military spending - Majority Report

Song 6: The Only Living Boy In New York - Simon & Garfunkel

Act 7: U.N. factoid-finding mission - The Onion

Song 7: Information Travels Faster - Death Cab For Cutie

Act 8: No real debate over drone attacks - Counterspin

Song 8: New York Minute - Eagles

Act 9: Detainees transferred or freed despite 'high risk' - NPR

Song 9: Tragic Flaw - Arkells

Act 10: Terrorist lockup, new nation of wusses - Mark Fiore

Song 10: New York state of mind - Billy Joel

Act 11: Obama a better salesman of war than Bush - The Progressive

Song 11: WMD - Blow Up Hollywood

Act 12: CIA's 'Facebook' program dramatically cut agencies costs - The Onion

Song 12: New York New York - Mel Tormé

Act 13: Pro-Israel, anti-democracy - Counterspin

Song 13: Run-around - Blues Traveler

Act 14: Undersecretary for saving the world - Rachel Maddow

Song 14: New York City - Cub

Act 15: Homeland security eliminates color-coded terror alert system - Colbert Report


Show suggestion: Bob and Elvis show - Ursula from Chicago suburbs

Response to abortion battle episode - Ken from Chicagoland

Voicemail Music: 

Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments on death of Bin Laden

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Predator Drone Court-Martialed For Afghani Civilian Deaths

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