Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/05/19) Examine, critique, ridicule and defend (Religion)

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Edition #488

Examine, critique, ridicule and defend

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Act 1: Verdict on Jews: Not Guilty! - The Bugle

Song 1: Diamond (Remix) - Klint

Act 2: John Paul II made a saint for good press - Counterspin

Song 2: Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

Act 3: Is this war or is this hearts? - This American Life

Song 3: Christians and Pagans - Dar Williams

Act 4: Jesus surprises '700 Club' with walk-on appearence - The Onion

Song 4: Rejoice - Andrew Jackson Jihad

Act 5: Divining doomsday: An old practice with new tricks - NPR

Song 5: Its the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) - Vitamin String Quartet

Act 6: Allison Warden from - David Pakman

Song 6: Me and God and Jesus - Crooked Roads Band

Act 7: France's anti-burqa law enforced - BBC News Quiz

Song 7: Oh my God - Ida Maria

Act 8: Big Mohammed's house - Daily Show

Song 8: True Faith - New Order

Act 9: FBI: Muslims may be creating nuclear families - The Onion

Song 9: Nuclear Family - Trentalange

Act 10: Rep. Keith Ellison explains liberty and justice for all - C-SPAN


Another youth reaction about Bin Laden - Shane from Philadelphia

How to argue the climate change issue - Patrick

Redeemed myself by playing 'What is Love?' - Michael From Glenn Bernie

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Ghostwriter - Rjd2

Turtle (Bonobo Remix) - Pilote

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Bonus Voicemails:

Thoughts on a primary candidate against Obama - Chuck in Salt Lake City

Reaction to Bin Laden's death - Michael From Glenn Bernie

Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:

Statue Of Jesus - Colbert Report

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Jay! Tomlinson

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