Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/06/02) Fiscal and physical health (Health Care)

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Edition #493

Fiscal and physical health

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Act 1: The GOP Budget Bill Will Kill 70,000 Children Around the World - Majority Report

Song 1: First day of my life - Bright Eyes

Act 2: Misleading story on cutting Social Security - Counterspin

Song 2: Great divide - Fair

Act 3: Interview with Austin Goolsbee - Colbert Report

Song 3: 14 years - Guns N' Roses

Act 4: The Artful Dodgers - Jim Hightower

Song 4: Basket case - Green Day

Act 5: Tax Policy for Wealthy - Counterspin

Song 5: Starring - Freelance Whales

Act 6: Tea Party Group Trying To Kill Medicare - Young Turks

Song 6: I Didn't Fuck It Up - Katie Goodman

Act 7: Bernie Sanders on a new idea for health care - Grit Radio

Song 7: Leader - Burning Spear

Act 8: Republicans Want to Literally Take Food out of the Mouths of Babes - The Progressive

Song 8: The kids don't stand a chance - Vampire Weekend

Act 9: Sorkin airing comments from Wall Street CEO's - Counterspin

Song 9: Praise you - Fatboy Slim

Act 10: Single-Payer Plan - Senator Bernie Sanders

Song 10: The Right Place at the Night Time - Fluid Lines

Act 11: Tea Party Excuse For NY 26th District Special Election Results - Young Turks

Song 11: Sydney (I'll Come Running) - Brett Dennen

Act 12: Why we can't have an adult conversation on health expenses - Majority Report


Reaction to the police state episode - Raven from Louisville, KY

Show suggestion: Skeptics guide to the universe - Daniel from Ohio

Look at church funds being used for politics, Obama's foreign policy powers are limited - Vikki from HI

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Ghostwriter - RjD2

Final comments on a meetup at Netroots Nation

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Report: Economy Failing Because U.S. Built On Ancient Indian Burial Grounds - The Onion

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Jay! Tomlinson

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