Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/06/12) Corrosive, consolidated power (Foreign Policy)

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Edition #496

Corrosive consolidated power

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Act 1: Republicans Ready to Expand Presidential Warmaking Powers - The Progressive

Song 1: Friends - Flight of the Conchords

Act 2: Middle East uprising update - The Bugle

Song 2: Go do - Jónsi

Act 3: Conservative views on War Powers Act- Obama's War in Libya - Counterspin

Song 3: Big Mistake - Tim Fite

Act 4: Obama's Disdain for the War Powers Act - The Progressive

Song 4: The cave - Mumford & Sons

Act 5: Middle East uprising update in Libya - The Bugle

Song 5: Father of mine - Everclear

Act 6: Report: U.S. Might Stay In Iraq - Young Turks

Song 6: Directions - Josh Rouse

Act 7: Iraq Troop Withdrawal Complications - Counterspin

Song 7: Needle in the hay - Elliott Smith

Act 8: Middle East uprising update in Syria - The Bugle

Song 8: Friend and the ink - Shout Out Louds

Act 9: Egypt rebuilding - This American Life

Song 9: Wash away - Joe Purdy

Act 10: Osama Bin Laden's Replacement - Colbert Report

Song 10: All the same - Sick Puppies

Act 11: Echoes Of Empire - Mumia Abu-Jamal

Song 11: Nantes - Beirut

Act 12: Pelosi Pathetic on War Powers Act - The Progressive

Song 12: Happy meal - The Cardigans

Act 13: Friendly Dragon Added To U.S. Arsenal - The Onion

Song 13: Demon host - Timber Timbre

Act 14: WikiLeaks Exposes Gitmo - Young Turks


In defense of Citizen Radio and idealism - Bethany from Indianapolis

Supporting Dominick on energy policies - Lucius from Baton Rouge

In support of Citizen Radio - Lenny from Brooklyn, NY

Voicemail Music: 

Turtle (Bonobo Remix) - Pilote

Ghostwriter - RjD2

Final comments on Netroots Nation listener meet up and super secret, insiders progressive media promotion project

Bonus Voicemails:

In defense of Citizen Radio and veganism and criticism - Carlos in Chicagoland

Citizen Radio isn't right about everything - The Doctor from Charlotte, NC

Citzen Radio does sarcasm - Cody from Washington

Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:

Face Off - Daily Show

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Jay! Tomlinson

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