Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/06/20) Deregulating and misusing the media (Media)

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Edition #499

Deregulating and misusing the media

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Act 1: A bit of explaining about net neutrality - Jimmy Dore Show

Song 1: The Edge Of The Ocean - Ivy

Act 2: Rush Limbaugh Lies On Net Neutrality - Young Turks

Song 2: Julie-O -Kevin "KO" Olusola

Act 3: Fox's Eric Bolling Auditions for Glenn Beck's Spot - Media Matters

Act 4: The effects of net neutrality legislation Part 1 - On the Media

Song 4: Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) - Florence + The Machine

Act 5: Sleazy Website Will Link To Anything - The Onion

Song 5: Finding Something To Do - Hellogoodbye

Act 6: The effects of net neutrality legislation Part 2 - On the Media

Song 6: Catch My Disease - Ben Lee

Act 7: Obama Admin Wiretaps the Internet - Young Turks

Song 7: Play the Game - Shout Out Louds

Act 8: The right's reaction to net neutrality - Counterspin

Song 8: RazorWire (Instrumental) - Chris Priest

Act 9: This is what counts as an "apology" over at Fox Business News - Media Matters

Act 10: Obama Caves On Net Neutrality, GOP Claims Government Takeover - Young Turks

Song 10: Fool - Shakira

Act 11: Elderly Woman Destroys Internet - The Onion

Song 11: La Valse d'Amélie (Version Piano) - Yann Tiersen

Act 12: Rush to Race-Bait - Media Matters

Act 13: Keith Olbermann on CurrentTV - Colbert Report

Song 13: Welcome Back, Kotter (Main Theme) - Knightsbridge

Act 14: The media's know-nothing, scolding, sex-negative bullshit - Dan Savage


We need to hear more about the people's budget - Vikki from HI

Why it's never ethical to eat meat - Carl in NJ

Response to military comments on Bin Laden - Fred

Voicemail Music: 

Turtle (Bonobo Remix) - Pilote

Final comments on putting Citizen Radio discussion to bed and thanking volunteers

Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:

Weinergate- Blogger that broke story - Colbert Report

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Jay! Tomlinson

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