Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/07/03) The Backfire Effects (Media)

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Edition #504

The Backfire Effects

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Act 1: Republican Scandal Hypocrisy - Rachel Maddow - Air Date: 06-16-11

Song 1: La Valse Des Vieux Os - Yann Tiersen

Act 2: Chris Wallace Doesn't Want to Talk about Fox News - Media Matters

Act 3: Cenk Interview re: Anthony Weiner, Republican Targets - Rachel Maddow - Air Date: 06-16-11

Song 3: M79 - Vampire Weekend

Act 4: CNN Republican Debate co-sponsored by Tea Party Express - Counterspin - Air Date: 06-16-11

Song 4: Kick drum heart - The Avett Brothers

Act 5: Examples of false comparisons - On the Media

Song 5: We're simple minds - Club 8

Act 6: Rational science facts Vs Human Emotions, Influence on Politics - Need to Know - Air Date: 06-17-11

Song 6: Burning heart - Survivor

Act 7: Why Facts Don't Stop People from Believing Stupid Stuff - David Pakman - Air Date: 06-28-11

Song 7: Windowsill - Arcade Fire

Act 8: Who Pays Limbaugh? Beck? Levine? - Young Turks

Song 8: New soul - Yael Naïm

Act 9: Inaccuracies reprinted enough to become true - Counterspin - Air Date: 06-30-11

Song 9: Yeat's grave - The Cranberries

Act 10: Jon Stewart Calls Out Fox News Bias - Young Turks Air Date: 06-20-11


Comments on Mumia Abu-Jamal - Gene from Tampa. FL

Request for show on meth - Jonathan from Portland

Second call for the people's budget - Marcus from Bellmore, NY

Support the renewable energy industry - Nick from Amherst, Mass

Voicemail Music:

Turtle (Bonobo Remix) - Pilote

Final comments on the new clip-sharing program and the above and beyond marketing volunteer program

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'Demography Today' Magazine Targets Demographer Demographic - The Onion

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Jay! Tomlinson

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