Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/07/27) The manufactured debt crisis Part 1 (Special Event)

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Edition #512

The manufactured debt crisis Part 1

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Act 1: Special Comment: Do Not Cut Care, Mr. President Part 1 - Countdown Air Date: 07-12-11

Song 1: Candle In the Wind (Ben's Song) - Andrew Jackson Jihad

Act 2: Obama and the Politics of Surrender - The Progressive Air Date: 07/11/11

Song 2: Surrender - Cheap Trick

Act 3: Special Comment: Do Not Cut Care, Mr. President Part 2 - Countdown Air Date: 07-12-11

Song 3: Lives in the balance - Jackson Browne

Act 4: Cut Medicare, SS & Taxes For Rich - Gang of Six - Young Turks

Song 4: Right here, right now - Fatboy slim

Act 5: Debt Ceiling Hypocrisy - Jim Hightower Air Date: 07/11/11

Song 5: My favourite game - The Cardigans

Act 6: U.S Debt Ceiling - The  Bugle - Air Date: 07-14-11

Song 6: Serre-moi - Tryö

Act 7: Manufactured crises get solved easily and cynically - Common Sense Air Date: 7-20-11

Song 7: Hey ya - Vitamin String Quartet

Act 8: Rhetoric Surrounding Debt Ceiling Debate Gets Ridiculous - Media Matters Air Date: 07/12/11

Act 9: Obama Trying To Be A Republican Accidental Admission - Jimmy Dore on TYT

Song 9: Where have your good words gone - Laura Gibson

Act 10: Washington Game of 'Chicken' Dems v GOP - On the Media - 07-15-11

Song 10: Rush and a push and the land is ours - The Smiths

Act 11: Immovable object vs irresistible force - Rachel Maddow Air Date: 7-19-11


Personal story of workers rights - Whitney from Missouri

Correlation between rebuilding the dream voting and messaging works - Anonymous

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final comments on Rebuilding the American Dream with Van Jones' speech clip

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Broke Back Mounting - America's Dystopian Future - Daily Show

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Jay! Tomlinson

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