Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/08/02) The manufactured debt crisis Part 2 (Special Event)

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Edition #514

The manufactured debt crisis Part 2

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Act 1: Lincoln, the 14th amendment and full faith and credit of the U.S. - Rachel Maddow Air Date: 7-26-11

Song 1: Broken - Secondhand Serenade

Act 2: Armadebtdon 2011- National Bullshit Ceiling - Daily Show Air Date: 7-18-11

Song 2: When I grow up - Garbage

Act 3: Obama Already Conceded He'll Pay Ransom - The Progressive Air Date: 7-26-11

Song 3: Better off alone - Alice DeeJay

Act 4: America's Bucket List - Colbert Report Air Date: 7-26-11

Song 4: Blueprint - Arkells

Act 5: Media covering Obama and the debt negotiation - Counterspin Air Date: 7-28-11

Song 5: Logical song - Supertramp

Act 6: Debt to America! - The Bugle Air Date: 7-28-11

Song 6: Play with fire - The Rolling Stones

Act 7: Who's lying more? - On the Media Air Date: 7-29-11

Song 7: Get ready - The Proclaimers

Act 8: The Lose-Lose Debt Situation - The Progressive Air Date: 7-29-11

Song 8: Cool to hate - The Offspring

Act 9: GOP ready for compromise and common purpose - Wait wait Air Date: 7-30-11

Song 9: The sound of settling - Death cab for cutie

Act 10: Father knows best how to compromise - Le Show Air Date: 7-31-11

Song 10: Growing up - Andrew Jackson Jihad

Act 11: The Four Great Hypocrisies of the Debt Deal - Countdown Air Date: 8-1-11

Final comments, thanks to @OnyxShard for the Countdown clip tip

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Armadebtdon 2011- The End of the World As We Owe It - Daily Show

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