Best of the Left Podcast : (2011/08/08) The rich get richer (Economics)

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Edition #516

The rich get richer

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Act 1: CEOs don't want you to know this - Thom Hartmann Air Date: 6-28-11

Song 1: Jump - Van Halen

Act 2: Bill O'Reilley on Obama's 'Economic Liberalism' - Counterspin - Air Date: 06-30-11

Song 2: Take a minute - K'naan

Act 3: Shocking Fact About Rich Americans‏ - Jimmy Dore on TYT Air Date: 7-13-11

Song 3: Guiding light - The Clips

Act 4: Invest in America - Robert Reich Air Date: 07-05-11

Song 4: The kids don't stand a chance - Vampire weekend

Act 5: Banks Introduce 75-Cent Surcharge For Using Word 'Bank' - The Onion

Song 5: Us - Regina Spektor

Act 6: Orrin Hatch's Tax Canard - The Progressive Air Date: 07-15-11

Song 6: Radioactive - Vitamin String Quartet

Act 7: Fox News Falsehood: Half of Americans Don't Pay Any Taxes - Media Matters Air Date: 07-18-11

Act 8: Nation's Cognitive Dissonance on Gov Assistance -  On the Media - Air Date: 07-15-11

Song 8: Tragic kingdom - No Doubt

Act 9: Dancing on the Ceiling - Tax Cut Religion - Daily Show Air Date: 7-12-11

Song 9: National brotherhood week - Tom Lehrer

Act 10: UK & U.S Resistance to Austerity Plans - Counterspin - Air Date: 07-07-11

Song 10: Beaux Dimanches - Amadou & Mariam

Act 11: Hedge Fund Mgr Called Out On MSNBC - Jimmy Dore on TYT Air Date: 07-13-11

Song 11: Against all odds - The Postal Service

Act 12: State Of Minnesota Too Polite To Ask For Federal Funding - The Onion

Song 12: Mr. Nice Guy - Billy Bauer

Act 13: President Obama can close tax loop holes like President Kennedy did - Thom Hartmann Air Date 07-15-11

Song 13: Don't let the sun go down on me - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Act 14: This Video Is For Rich People Only - Lee Camp Air Date: 07-27-11

Song 14: Float on - Modest Mouse

Act 15: The Ruthlessness of the Ruling Class - The Progressive Air Date: 07-19-11

Song 15: A rush of blood to the head - Coldplay

Act 16: Poor In America - Colbert Report Air Date: 7-26-11

Song 16: The river of dreams - Billy Joel

Act 17: Fox News Cut Medicare to Fund Wars - Young Turks Air Date: 07-27-11


Check out Intelligence squared from NPR - Michael from Glenn Bernie

In support of the talking points brainstorm - Chuck in Salt Lake City

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Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Final Comments on taking inconvenient modes of transportation and the New Leaders Council retreat

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Swede Dreams - Daily Show Air Date: 6-29-11

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